Sudha Raghuram
            teaching a workshop with the Montgomery School of Ballet


Please check this page for information about ongoing classes, workshops, student recitals and performances.


July: Awarded Dance Fellowship by Alabama State Council on the Arts.

May: Solo Bharatanatyam performance at Lynn elementary School, Alabama.

April: 1. Group dance at Global festival, AUM. 2. Solo Bharatanatyam performance at Eutaw Primary School, Alabama.

March: 1. Holi celebration in Birmingham Museum of Art. 2. Selected in Alabama Touring Artist Program by Alabama State Council on the Arts.

January:  Annual dance event by Shivalaya School of dance.


February: Performed at the diversity event on President's day, organized by the department of theater, Alabama State University at Leila Barlow Theater, Montgomery, Alabama.  

January: Solo performance of Sudha Raghuram at the Alabama Dance Festival, organized by Alabama Dance Council at the Children's Museum, Birmingham.


November: Performance for the Diwali Cultural event at Goodwyn Hall, Auburn University at Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama.

October:Performance at the Holiday Market, Montgomery, Alabama.

August: Guru Sudha Raghuram and students performed for the India Independence Day celebration at Leila Barlow Theater, Alabama State University.

July: Annual event of Shivalaya School of Dance at the Tullibody Music Hall, Alabama State University.

May: Performance by the students at the Lowder Public Library, Montgomery, Alabama

March: Performance at Birmingham Museum of Art.